Sardinien del 1 – delvis gästinlägg utav flickan Feli

Hi everyone out there!
Now I´m located on the beautiful island of Sardinia!
I arrived yesterday to a small village called Fertilia which is situated 5 km outside of Alghero.
I live in this hostel. Thee´s barely any people, it´s just me and a ducth girl staying here at the moment. You can really tell that it´s low season and it feels like we´ve got the entire island for ourselves.
When I arrived I went to the local restaurant to grab something eat. This country´s food is marvellous! The drink was a mix of mint and milk.
“Unity of the language” in Catalan. In Alghero there are some people that speak Catalan! It´s supercool! Some people are mixing it with Italian though and others have a huge Italian accent while speaking it. The majority though does´nt some to dominate the language completely which is a shame. Feels nice to be able to get a closer connection to the locals through speaking some Catalan though.
It gets confusing sometimes though, and sometimes I end up mixing Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English and Romanian.
“Alghero for the Catalan countries”
The port of Alghero
The turquoise water is beautiful
I hired a scooter! Driving around with a scooter is essentially the best way to get around on an island! That´s my personal advice for the day!
Look how happy I am!
Back at the hostal I met this amiable young lady – Feli.
Feli: My time to speak a little about Axel! In the hostel he rushed in asking for the way to Cappo Caccia, and oh my, I wanted to go there! As you can see, without any helmet I jumped on the back of his scooter.
Feli: On the scooter Axel was shivering like a polar bear, so i borrowed him my warm and very fancy sleeves. The air seems blue, but the wind was really cold!
Feli: Gorgeous view, makes a human feel free as a bird
Feli: The water was rolling like thunder on to the rocks, flowing away slowly like many little waterfalls. It was breathtaking. The rocks were all grown over with rosemary which we squeezed out in our hands for the smell.
Feli: Thanks Axel, Thank you for giving me a ride to the Capo Caccia, you gave me an experience I will not forget, you are a joy to be around, truly.
Feli: Hmmm last time you hear from me, but do you see? Do you see it? Pure beauty..

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