Lviv, Ucraine

Hi everyone!
Now I’m in Prague, Czech Republic and some time has passed since I was in Ucraine. Memory seems to fade away faster than you want it to, so from now on I’ll try to publish more frequently.
In Lviv I was hosted my Yura, a guy that always seemed to be busy, with a billion different kind of projects going on at the same time. We were discussing the politics of the country, its history and the current situation that Ucraine is in. The war in the east is not the only issue that Ucraine is struggling with. The inflation is extremely high and the country is on the edge of an economic collapse. He me give one example. Half a year ago he bought a camera that costed him 2000 grivna. Now it costs 5000 grivna. People are stocking up on groceries since their money might be useless the following day. Yura was also telling me about the differences nbetween the eastern and western part of the country. The nationalist movements are centered in the western part of the country with a majority of people speaking Ucranian whiles in the east they´re pro-russian and the people only speak Russian.
The western part of Ucraine has the eager to become part of the European Union and wants to get closer to the west. All over Lviv you can see the flag of the European Union.
The architecture of Lviv looks similar to the one in Central European countries. That’s because this part of Ucraine used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
Höhöhö, he´s cheating!
Él hace trampas!
A flea market
View from the tower of the town hall.
Vista desde la torre del ayuntamiento
Yura showed a hidden gem right in the centre of the city. You had to know a secret password to be able to get in to this restaurant/pub. It was something like “Long live Ucraine”.
This place was kind of scary and felt like a bit like a mix of a ghost house and a museum.
Communicating by the morse code.
Jura´s kitchen
I used to get to Kraków.  It´s a website that makes it possible to travel together by car with someone that´s going the same direction as you are. It´s cheap and often faster than going by public transport. I can highly recommend it.
The catch is though that you never know who you´re going to travel with. I was sitting next to a fat, stinky (he probably had some problems with alcohol) old man who was acting very weird. When we stayed at this gas station he didn´t  want let me off the car to go and buy something to eat at the shop. So the driver had to yell at him, so that I could get off. When I came back from the shop he did´nt let me get back into the car until the driver had yelled at him once more…

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