A message written especially for you – Unas palabras especialmente para usted

Hey to all of you betts, slinks and random patrask!
This is Axel writing to you.
First of all I would like to attach this image that has become a viral success or a “like-raket” as we say in Sweden.
Qué guapo, no? – Beautiful!
It is very important to boost your self-esteem, remember that y’all!

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving Greece behind and go back to my beloved home country called Sweden. It feels great to be able to settle down for a while and be in one single place for a bit longer than the average 2 days that I’ve stayed in every city during my trip.
Here’s a list of da things that I’m looking forward to:
* To see my lovely friends and family.
* To rediscover the beauty of my lands. The peninsula of Bjäre is a wonderful place to be in during spring.
* To go to Oslo and visit friends and my brother. Oslo somehow feels like home to me now, after I’ve lived there for a while.
* Bjäre chips
* Snus
* Being able to fully focus on studying French and Spanish.
* To prepare me and my brother’s trip to Central America.

Of course I will keep on posting new publications from the remaining parts of my trip. Every day you will find a new publication from the trip here on halcyondays.blogg.se
Stay tuned for more news about the life of das Axeln and Uno!
Besos! Petonets!

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